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iPort DCS is an innovative, flexible Departure Control System, created and provided by Res2.
The use of iPort DCS empowers efficient aircraft and passenger handling for airlines & ground handlers and leads to a smooth & pleasant (pre-)airport experience for the passenger,
while being priced at the best TCO in the industry.

6 January 2021

  • Web based application

  • Certified for all major common-use environments

  • Compatible with non-common-use environments

  • Minimal requirements for connectivity (e.g. 3G connection)

  • Self-service application included

  • Low charge per passenger

  • Airport connectivity included

  • Type B messaging costs included

  • No upgrading costs

  • AHM database management included

  • Low implementation cost

  • Self-service applications included

  • Fully graphical check-in,  boarding and load control modules

  • IATCI connections

  • e-ticketing connections

  • Ancillary sales module

  • Advanced self-service options:

  • Airport & kiosk application

  • Bag drop application

  • Online web check-in portal


Core Services
  • Automated flight creation

  • Role-based user management

  • Read-write and read-only roles

  • Community-shared AHM-data

  • Combined message routing to teletype and e-mail

  • Extensive offline database with logged passenger and flight information

  • Inter airline trough check-in

  • E-ticket database connections

  • Group check-in

  • Automated (re)seating intelligence

  • Compliant with all security messaging programs (APIS, APP, PNRGOV)

  • BSM/BRS integration

  • Boarding gate reader support

Customer Services
Flight Services
  • Dynamic weight & balance envelope

  • Graphic upper and lower deck visualization

  • Out of balance security check

  • Interactive ramp handling tool

  • Print or send LIR & loadsheet to both e-mail and teletype addresses

  • Optimal CG indicator

  • Internet check-in with boarding cards in PDF and Passbook format

  • Integrated in airline website or redirected

  • Kiosk check-in

  • Baggage drop-off services

  • Mobile application for handling staff

Self Services
  • Ancillary sales during online, kiosk and airport check-in and boarding

  • Integration with airline PSP

  • Sales of seats, meals, SSRs, upgrades and more

  • Multi-currency support

  • Differentiate sales per sales channel

  • Voucher and receipt printing

  • Extensive reporting




AvioBook develops new integration with iPORT DCS

12 September 2022

AVIOBOOK EFB is now able to digest the iPort DCS EDP Loadsheet. After a successful collaboration it's now possible to send the EDP Loadsheet directly to the AVIOBOOK EFB.


iPort goes mobile
A sneak preview

2 September 2022

The advantages of applications designed for mobile is obvious to all. iPort Ramp tool for mobile is the latest major product development within the iPort DCS suite.


The big challenge!

2 September 2022

At this moment Res2 is deeply involved in all the details regarding EU-LISA. Next working group September 30th should be interesting because during this event, European wide EiO (Entry into Operation) plans are being discussed. EES (entry/exit system) activation is currently penciled in for Spring 2023, with ETIAS to be scheduled at a later date.

Product development is proceeding and connectivity is established with EU-LISA test systems.


"In seeking for an innovative and cost-effective Departure Control System that is above all very user-friendly and offers a wide range of services, iPort DCS particularly caught our eye. The contacting, the contract negotiation, the implementation and finally the first handling was very smooth. Our business partners at Res2 B.V. really do an excellent job in all areas. We are really looking forward to a trustful, reliable and valuable cooperation with Res2 B.V. and are glad that we can use iPort DCS as our new in-house Departure Control System at Frankfurt Airport."

— Marco Kölsch, Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President

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