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Res2 is a Netherlands based ground handling IT provider with its headquarters located in De Meern. The datacenter is hosted in Atlanta, USA, and the 24/7 support office is located in Portugal. iPort DCS is currently operational at nearly 400 airports worldwide and is still growing rapidly.


At Res2 we believe that software development is a craft. We take software development very seriously. Our staff are constantly aware of the fact that passenger handling is a very critical process. Everything we develop has gone through a design phase, monitored by experienced analysts. Once finished it runs through various test stages. Quality is further guaranteed by the test driven approach.  

Apart from looking pretty, iPort has speed and efficiency in its genes. Every new bit of functionality is scrutinized to prevent a negative impact on scalability, availability or response times. We believe in a test driven approach and in the agile doctrine, and use it. We provide a new release every 3 weeks.


But running a reliable 7x24 large scale transaction system requires more than agile application development. It requires insight and awareness of what happens if things go wrong (and how to prevent that). It requires proper levels of logging, of tooling, a continuous awareness of scalability, performance and software quality. And last but not least, it requires an infrastructure that is understandable and scalable. 


Hans van Engelen


Hans has an impressive track record in various business areas and has been involved in Airline IT since 1998. He was in charge of the program management of the iPort development project and he took over the CEO responsibility in 2010

Cees Mul


An airline IT veteran, Cees has been involved in application development, communications, architecture and anything else related to airlines IT. Cees is the architect and technical visionary behind iPort.




One of the global players in the airline IT industry, Travelport offers a wide range of products expertise. iPort benefits, not only by using the 7 x 24 Travelport services and worldwide infrastrure. But also by tapping into the pool of airline professionals that is shared between the 2 parties. Travelport is also a reseller of the iPort suite.


ARC Data was established in 1989 by a select group of executives from Telex Computer and Memorex Telex, in charge of the transportation business for Italy and other countries. ARC Data provides a wide range of applications and services, mainly to the airline industry. Res2 and ARC Data have agreed that ARC Data is the main reseller of iPort in the Italian market. ARC Data has an excellent reputation, and we are proud to announce ARC Data as our partner.

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