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Technical Specifications

Globally compatible

iPort DCS was designed for worldwide use by ground handlers and airlines. The implementation and activation at an airport take minimal effort because the system is compatible with many different platforms.


Common-use environments

iPort DCS is certified for all major airport common use platforms:


  • Arinc MUSE

  • Resa CREWS

  • Materna IPS (former Ultra CUSE)

  • AirIT EASE


  • Amadeus ACUS

  • Travsys

  • TAV Technologies

And more


iPort DCS is CUPPS certified, the most recent IATA standard for common use airports and gradually rolled out worldwide.


Non-common-use environments

Not every airport is using a common-use platform. Quite a few airports have their own infrastructure of network, printers and workstations. Also on such platforms, iPort DCS is very easy to implement. The only thing that needs to be installed is the iPort DCS container package. The application will determine which peripheral devices, such as scanners and printers, are available and will connect them automatically, regardless of an airport’s infrastructure.

Airport Connectivity

The airport can connect with the iPort DCS datacenter in different ways:

  • Closed circuit connections like SITA, ARINC or any other supplier, with a local router at the airport and a dedicated router in Res2's datacenter

  • Internet access (WiFi, Ethernet, mobile 3G...)

  • A dedicated router, possibly combined with a VPN connection

Res2 offers its customers assistance in arranging network connectivity to the airports, regardless the connection type. The application only requires a limited bandwidth. Multiple users can easily share a single 256kbps link.


Operating System

The application is able to run on all devices with a Windows operating system, such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As soon as there is a form of connectivity (e.g. 3G), the user can access the system.


Remote Check-In

Combining the application on a mobile device with portable peripherals (plug-and-play boarding pass and bag tag printers, passport scanners and barcode readers via USB), the system can be used for hotel, cruise or other forms of remote check-in.

Customer Data

Most of the customer data can be managed by the customer itself. Think about routing tables for post-departure messaging, flight schedules, user IDs and so on. Furthermore, Res2 makes sure that all required passenger and flight data is shared with the customer. This includes check-in times, seat changes, bag tag numbers, sales information and many more.


A Suite Of Applications

In addition to the iPort DCS application, Res2 developed additional functionality to support our customers. Together with iPort DCS itself, this package offers

  • Web check-in

  • Kiosk check-in (CUSS compliant)

  • Bag drop interface (ACI ACRIS interface)

  • Passenger validation functionality for security checks or pre-boarding

  • Baggage security check

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