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CTO at Res2 shares what challenges he faces and what his main responsibilities are within his role. 
21 September 2021

"iPort DCS is active on hundreds of airports worldwide. Many airports, airlines and passengers rely on the availability and reliability of the iPort system. This means our objective as a company is that iPort DCS needs to be robust and scalable as a real-time, high availability system. In addition, we operate in a world with ever changing demands and circumstances. For iPort DCS this can be new government mandates, changing or new IATA regulations and the very significant impact of the recent and current pandemic. These factors and many more present a continuously evolving set of circumstances that Res2 and iPort DCS must navigate. The speed at which we as a company can provide critical solutions, deploy at any airport in the world or connect to other systems whether they be governments or airlines is a crucial part of how iPort DCS supports our customers. 


My responsibilities include ensuring that Res2 and iPort DCS meet the above objectives. We need to prepare for the unexpected, foresee growth of the passenger volume, monitor technical developments and observe the evolution in privacy mandates worldwide including GDPR. This is to name a only a few examples. I say ‘we’ because it is a team effort. Our teams in de Meern , USA and Portugal contribute to discussions and development around these topics. 


As the CTO and architect of iPort DCS, my role includes certain key responsibilities. I ensure the quality of our software is maintained. This includes how we deliver iPort DCS and the overall service we offer to our customers. A good software architecture is the foundation that allows us to bring a user friendly, best of class DCS system to a wide range of customers every day. I am responsible for the overall architectural solutions(s) that form the basis of iPort DCS."

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