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iPort DCS supporting the industry to adapt to COVID-19

31 Aug 2020

De Meern, The Netherlands – The recent and current impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry has forced the iPort DCS team to reorganize our operations. With the help of all employees at Res2, Res2 has been able to improve the system, customer support, and several internal processes. A result of continuous improvement, even in challenging times.

When the air traffic volume dropped, the development roadmap needed a revision as well. The development team took the opportunity and has successfully upgraded the iPort DCS development tools to the new .NET Core framework. This upgrade makes our internal tools ready for the next decade.

At the same time, the iPort DCS functional board started working on new functional designs to adapt the system to support iPort DCS users in applying new industry regulations during the pandemic. For example, in the last months, the following additions were implemented:

  • The check-in agent can now send the passenger boarding pass from the check-in counter to the passenger’s mobile via e-mail. This way, the agent is not required to print a boarding pass and hand it over to the passenger, thus avoiding human contact. This functionality also supports the paperless operations concept.

  • All self-service check-in channels – web, mobile and kiosk check-in – now have the option to include the Health Declaration Form as a mandatory step for each passenger, as recommended by EASA

  • There is a new off-the-shelf brandless web check-in portal available for ground handling agents who require an immediate self-service check-in solution for their airline customers. This portal can be activated for any carrier instantly upon request

As the travel restrictions prevented the iPort DCS training team organizing face-to-face training, they created an online platform for end users training. Free refresher courses were offered and attracted over 2000 participants worldwide. As a next step, the training team recorded tutorial videos, which are now available on the website.

It is encouraging to see the iPort DCS community being able to count on their provider to deliver value to their end customers in these times of need. If you would like to enjoy these and other benefits of using iPort DCS, please join our community.

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