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iPort DCS live in Cuba

26 Nov 2018

On the 25th of November the first flight was handled in iPort DCS in Cuba. The flight went from Cayo Largo del Sur (CYO) to Havana (HAV) and then onwards to Milan Malpensa (MXP) in Italy. We are proud of the entire team who completed this unique implementation project. A special thanks goes out to our friends at Neos Air, who supported us throughout the entire process.

The Cuban activation is another major milestone for iPort DCS. The flight was neatly handled by the Ecasa staff. We were impressed with Ecasa’s professionalism and enthusiasm during the iPort DCS training and subsequent handling on a system that was new to them.

NEOS starts with iPort DCS in Mombasa, Kenya

8 Aug 2018

​The Italian airline Neos implemented iPort DCS in Mombasa, Kenya (IATA: MBA) to support their operations. Thanks to this implementation, Neos can now follow-up closely on their operations from their headquarters in Italy. The first flight was succesfully handled by Kenya Aerotech on August 1st.

Record growth for iPort DCS, with 54% more passengers handled in the first half of 2018

2 Jul 2018


​The first half of 2018 has been an incredible success for Res2 and their iPort DCS application. Compared to the first 6 months of 2017, Res2 measured an increase in passenger volume of 54%. This growth was achieved largely by signing 22 new customers who chose iPort DCS as a replacement for the axsControl DCS. This was combined with the volume of 7 other new customers. Not to forget that the vast majority of Res2’s customers grow faster than the market, which further contributes to the success of iPort DCS. Res2 forecasts a growth of 65% for the full year 2018.

More than 80% of former AXSControl customers now select iPort DCS

20 feb 2018

​The Dutch ground handling software provider, Res2, is going full steam ahead with the implementation of their iPort DCS at an additional 50 airports in Europe and its broader surroundings. These implementations are the result of the sunset of the axsControl DCS, provided by DXC Technology (formerly HPE, EDS and Atraxis). The vast majority, i.e. more than 80%, have already decided that the iPort DCS is the best solution to replace their current system.


iPort DCS is recognized to be the best solution for Ground Handlers because it easily handles various types of airlines simultaneously. For example, the system provides functionality for quick and easy flight creation, PNL modification and a widespread AHM database for charter flights. For full service carriers, iPort DCS comes with online e-ticket and IATCI connection capabilities.


Thanks to the efficient architectural set up, Res2 can offer the implementation of this extensive application in a minimum timespan at extremely low costs. Note that all 50 airports will be implemented by March 31st 2018, when axsControl will be decommissioned. Bern Airport was the first airport to go live in December 2017, merely 6 weeks after reaching an agreement. This included both local installation and training of the staff. Ground handlers Havas Turkey, Aviaserve Malta, Interavia Ukraine, Flughafen Graz, TAV Macedonia, TAV Tunisie, Vienna Airport Handling, Airports of Montenegro, Sarajevo Airport, Dortmund Airport, Flughafen Paderborn, Lodz Airport, Lublin Airport, MZLZ Zagreb Airport, Salzburg Airport, Air Rep Services Gambia, Olsztyn-Mazury Airport and Tirana Airport followed shortly thereafter.

Airport Bern live with iPort DCS

2 Jan 2018

A few days before the Holiday Season started, the Bern Airport in Switzerland (IATA: BRN) went live with iPort DCS. The homebase of carrier SkyWorks Airlines now uses iPort DCS for all flights.

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