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Chair Airlines selects iPort DCS as most cost-efficient solution 
08 June 2021

Utrecht, The Netherlands; Zürich, Switzerland 


Chair Airlines has been looking for a stable and mature Departure Control System that easily runs at airports such as Zurich Airport, Chair’s home base with e-gates, mobile ramp agents and more. While searching for a DCS covering the complete scope of functionality and not just the extensive operational functionality, Chair Airlines has decided to partner with Res2, a Netherlands-based airline IT company. By using iPort DCS as a solution in their airline IT landscape, Chair Airlines will also be using the iSales module of iPort DCS, which enables sales of seats, baggage and much more through all passenger touch points online and at the airport, resulting in an increase in ancillary sales revenue. 


Despite the challenging travel regulations, the training and support during the first live flight were organized with on-site support, resulting in a very successful flight handled in iPort DCS.

“The decision to choose iPort DCS for Chair Airlines was quite easy. After evaluation, we came to the conclusion that iPort DCS fits all the needs of our carrier, especially in terms of the ancillary sales in combination with iSales. iPort DCS showed a very smooth implementation process as well as efficient training sessions. From the beginning, the handling staff showed a quick understanding of the system and therefore the handling of the first flights were without any issues. The staff used the system as if they worked with it for years. Our conclusion is that iPort DCS was the right choice for us”

-Rüdiger Höh, NP Ground Operations at Chair Airlines


Chair Airlines has a strong foundation and is known for their reliability as a partner with a focus on key characteristics and brand values such as safety, dynamic and honesty. 

“Res2 is looking forward to a strong and reliable partnership with Chair Airlines and we are excited to welcome them to the iPort DCS community. Res2 focuses on seamless customer experiences by providing continuous support during the passenger handling duties. We hope that this co-operation with Chair Airlines will improve their operational performances, passenger handling service and increase their ancillary sales revenue.’’

- Hans van Engelen, CEO at Res2

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