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Global airport service company Fraport AG chooses iPort DCS as their in-house DCS for passenger handling and Weight and Balance
31 March 2020

Utrecht, The Netherlands; Frankfurt, Germany


Res2, a Netherlands-based airline IT company and one of the leading airport service  companies Fraport AG, have decided to partner up. This partnership means that Fraport AG will be handling their passengers and calculating aircraft weight and balance using iPort DCS as their in-house solution.

On March 22nd Fraport AG went live and had a very successful launch with the first handled flight in iPort DCS. This resulted in a pleasant experience for the ground handling agents during their first operational activities with iPort DCS. One of the agents said: “You can tell that the system has been given a great deal of thought. The transition went smoothly and it was a very convenient first flight to handle.”


“We are very excited to welcome Fraport AG and look forward to a sustainable and long-term partnership. Res2 aims to support daily operations, resulting in a smooth and efficient handling process whilst ensuring a pleasant customer experience.”

- Hans van Engelen, CEO at Res2


“In seeking for an innovative and cost-effective Departure Control System that is above all very user-friendly and offers a wide range of services, iPort DCS particularly caught our eye. The contacting, the contract negotiation, the implementation and finally the first handling was very smooth. Our business partners at Res2 B.V. really do an excellent job in all areas. We are really looking forward to a trustful, reliable and valuable cooperation with Res2 B.V. and are glad that we can use iPort DCS as our new in-house Departure Control System at Frankfurt Airport.”

- Marco Kölsch, Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President at Fraport AG


“The change to iPort DCS was the best decision we could make. The feedback on iPort from our employees is very good and my experience with the implementation team and the support team are excellent. I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone involved to the effort!”

- Petra Grammel, Manager IT-Systems

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