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SkyUp Airlines acting swiftly to market demand with iPort DCS
21 Oct 2020

De Meern, The Netherlands – The COVID-19 pandemic is having a big impact on the aviation industry. Airlines are challenged to introduce new industry regulations to ensure a healthy and safe environment during the airport process and on board the aircraft. The demand for airline tickets has dropped significantly, which makes the predictions for planned capacity useless. Along with constantly changing travel restrictions that restrict the carriers in making new forecasts.

SkyUp Airlines, the Ukrainian charter and low-cost carrier, is one of the few carriers that has found a way to cope with this challenging situation successfully. Thanks to their lean decision-making process, SkyUp has been able to optimize capacity planning on existing and several new routes where demand rose while previously existing capacity by competing airlines had disappeared. In a few days’ time, the airline opens ticket sales, ensures the traffic rights, plans the aircraft & crew and prepares the operations. 


For the latter, SkyUp Airlines is counting on iPort DCS to act swiftly to support their operations. Thanks to the wide availability of iPort DCS in Europe and its surroundings, the airline can start – or stop – with iPort DCS in their new stations instantly with a flexible cost model. This also means the airline has immediate reporting and insight in the activity from their headquarters starting from the first flight.

Even on destinations where iPort DCS is not present yet, the architecture of the application and expertise from the Res2 team allows SkyUp to implement fast, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with all industry regulations.

Dmitry Seroukhov, CEO at SkyUp Airlines, says: “Keeping all aircraft in the air is the challenge of the moment. As soon as a new route is decided, the timer starts ticking to get everything ready. Having a partner we can count on, knowing iPort DCS can deliver, makes the activation of new stations a lot easier.”

Sören Destoop, CCO at Res2, the provider of iPort DCS, says: “In a fragile and constantly changing market like we face today, it is important we support our customers at the pace they require. SkyUp has found a way to optimize the usage of their fleet by reacting promptly to market demand. We are glad and ready to support SkyUp with the operational tools on any term they require.”




About SkyUp Airlines -

SkyUp Airlines is a privately owned Ukrainian airline. The company operates according to the hybrid model performing charter flights and regular low-cost flights in the ratio of 50/50. The network of routes goes through Europe (the Mediterranean and classical Europe — Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Austria), the Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia), and the Middle East (Turkey, Israel, Egypt). The whole flight program at the beginning of 2020 has more than 50 international and domestic destinations.

The fleet of the company contains 11 medium-range Boeing 737 aircrafts, the average age of which is 12 years. According to the State Aviation Administration, the air carrier is one of the five largest in Ukraine in terms of passenger traffic. In terms of route network growth rate during 2018-2019, SkyUp Airlines became one of the most dynamic airlines in Europe according to the latest Anker Report.

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Photo by Yura Tanchyn

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