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Various Airports in Italy go live with iPort DCS

1 Dec 2016

​Firenze, Trapani, Cagliari and Trieste airport all decided to use iPort DCS as their main DCS. All stations will be implemented during December 2016.

FES Airport (FEZ) is the 8th Moroccan airport using iPort DCS

24 Nov 2016

​TUIfly Belgium (TB) started operations out of FEZ in iPort DCS on November 24th. By adding Fes Airport, iPort DCS is now live on 8 Moroccan airports. The other airports in Morocco include Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat, Tangier, Oujda, Agadir and Nador.

WOW Air adds New York - Newark (EWR) to its network

23 Nov 2016

​Today handling agent Hallmark handled the first WOW Air flight in iPort DCS departing from EWR. Newark is the fifth American station in WOW Air's network that uses iPort DCS to handle their flights.

Stockholm Arlanda (ARL) live on iPort DCS

18 Nov 2016

WOW Air started operations out of Arlanda in iPort DCS today.

Toscana Aeroporti chooses iPort DCS as preffered DCS in Pisa & Florence

12 Nov 2016

​Toscana Aeroporti already used iPort DCS out of Florence (FLR) for network carrier CityJet (WX) and has now opted to use the system for its other carriers as well. They also decided to use iPort DCS for their operations in Pisa (PSA). Today has been the first flight in iPort DCS out of Pisa.

Aviation services live with iPort DCS in Catania & Bologna

11 Nov 2016

​The Italian handling agent Aviation Services SPA started using iPort DCS in Catana (CTA) and Bologna (BLQ), as an expansion to their previous Italian stations. iPort DCS is their preferred DCS. The implementation went extremely smooth thanks to the professionalism of the staff of Aviation Services. We are looking forward to cooperate closely with Aviation Services in the future.

Trieste Airport joins iPort community

27 Oct 2016

​The management of Trieste Airport also recognized the strenghts of iPort DCS, and have signed a contract in October.

Cagliari Airport selects iPort DCS

4 Oct 2016

​We are glad to report the return of Cagliari airport on Sardinia as iPort DCS customer. We are looking forward to handling a large variety of airlines from Sardinia.

Sky handling partner starts operations from Shannon Airport

19 Aug 2016

​On the 19th of August, Sky Handling Partner staff handled the first flight from Shannon, Ireland. Both Sky Handling Partner and Res2 are glad to report a smooth cut-over.

New customers: Florence and Pisa

12 Aug 2016

​We are pleased to announce 2 new customers in Italy: Both Florence (Firenze Airport) and Pisa (Aeroporto Galileo Galilei) signed an iPort contract this month. Activation of iPort DCS is expected later this year.

Bangkok airport live

8 Aug 2016

​Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) went live on the 8th of August from Bangkok, Thailand. First flights were handled smoothly.

Edinburgh activation completes WOW Air roll out

17 Jul 2016

​Res2 and WOW air recently completed the roll out of iPort DCS across the entire WOW air network. Activation of iPort DCS for WOW air started in December 2015 at the Keflavik hub. This was followed by a second batch of airports which all went live within a few days. Boston, Baltimore, London Gatwick, Copenhagen, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Berlin Schoenefeld were all activated during or around the weekend of the 31st of January. All these airports are used in the WOW ‘hub operation’ which requires a smooth connection and integration of all involved airports.

The rest of the network was activated during the first half of 2016. During this period, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Alicante, Warsaw, Barcelona, Montreal, Toronto, Bristol, Stockholm, Lyon, Nice, Frankfurt, Vilnius, Milan Malpensa, Duesseldorf, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rome and on the 17th of July Edinburgh were all activated according to plan.


Both WOW air and Res2 are proud of this achievement. A smooth operation is crucial for a fast growing airline such as WOW air. The Res2 iPort DCS team is glad to be part of this expansion and is looking forward to support WOW air in further automation and acceleration of their airport handling. The use of web check-in, self-service kiosks and bagdrop devices has started, and we expect further increase of those methods during the second half of this year.


Thanks to the introduction of ancillary sales at the airports, ancillary revenues were boosted dramatically. The single DCS concept gives WOW air full operational control over their entire network.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport bag drop upgrade

4 Jul 2016

​In order to make the Schiphol bagdrop devices suitable for common use, the IATA ACRIS standard was introduced. iPort DCS customer TUIfly Netherlands is the biggest user of this system, processing around 1500 suitcases a day. The use of the self service bagdrop reduces the pressure on the common check-in desks, and increases passenger convenience.

Eindhoven Airport handles first flight in iPort DCS

17 Jun 2016

​After selecting iPort DCS, the first Vueling flight on iPort DCS was handled on June 17.

Second Los Angeles terminal Live

13 Jun 2016

​Shortly after the launch of iPort DCS on LAX terminal 2, WOW air departed from Tom Bradley terminal with their first LAX flight.

Further WOW Air roll out

9 June 2016

​iPort DCS was launched in Lyon and Nice. First WOW air flights from these airports were processed early this month.

Los Angeles, USA, launched for XL Airways France

3 Jun 2016

​First XL Airways France flight from LAX terminal 2 to Paris Charles de Gaulle was handled on the 3rd of June.

WOW Air from Toronto and Montreal

25 May 2016

​First WOW air flights were handled from Toronto airport. Early May also Montreal airport (YYZ) handled the first WOW air flights from Canada.

iPort DCS introduced at Stockholm and Bristol

10 May 2016

​Connecting UK and Sweden to their network, WOW air introduced departures from Bristol airport and Västerås airport near Stockholm.

Expansion for German aviation services

8 May 2016

​On request of customer GAS (German Aviation Service) we reconnected Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL). GAS will handle a variety of airlines from TXL. GAS is now also handling flights on iPort DCS from SXF (Berlin Schoenefeld Airport). GAS is now operating in iPort DCS from: DUS, HAM, CGN, TXL, and SXF.

AGS Verona selects iPort DCS

4 May 2016

​AGS in Verona (IT) selected iPort DCS for the handling of Transavia. iPort DCS is connected to all major systems to perform through check-in and this feature proved its value again.

Transavia passengers, flying from Verona to Paris and Amsterdam can now through check-in to KLM and Delta Airlines flights.

Flying Group Antwerp selects iPort DCS

2 May 2016

​Antwerp operator Flying Group decided to select iPort DCS as its prefered DCS.

Airport associates Keflavik live

24 Apr 2016

​In the weekend of the 23rd of April, Aiport Associates Iceland went live at Keflavik airport, Iceland. Various airlines are now handled on iPort DCS from Keflavik, including Vueling and Wizzair.

Barcelona live for TUI Belgium

11 Apr 2016

​Early April, first flights were handled on iPort from Barcelona. TUI Belgium (formerly known as Jetairfly) was the first airline

that was handled. We expect more carriers to follow in the next months.

London Luton live

29 Mar2016

​First flight for expanding airline VLM was handled at London's Luton airport mid March.

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