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Freebird Airlines and Res2 join forces to optimize aircraft handling processes and to deliver seamless customer experience
13 July 2021

Utrecht, The Netherlands; Istanbul, Turkey


Freebird Airlines has a strong infrastructure amongst Turkish private air carriers and operates in Europe and the Middle East. They have three core activities: Passenger/cargo transport, engineering and maintenance and flight crew training. Freebird Airlines strives to attain excellence as an airline and intends to generate value for its customers, employees and shareholders.


With iPort DCS, Freebird Airlines can organize advanced operations from any type of airport. iPort DCS can run in airports with a challenging infrastructure, with limited bandwidth and hardware.  Even in locations where the airport does not offer any equipment at all, Freebird Airlines will be able to handle flights thanks to the mobile workstation of iPort DCS : a suitcase with the PC, printers and passport swipe built-in.  iPort DCS is already active in 320 airports which can be introduced to the Freebird network on short notice. The availability of iPort DCS in these locations presents Freebird Airlines with a strong competitive advantage and an immediate head start with these untapped markets.


In the last decade, security messaging has advanced immensely. More countries require interactive security checks during the check-in and even the boarding process or require multiple data feeds for the same passenger. Freebird Airlines has selected iPort DCS to deal with the increasing complexity, as they operate a large network between Turkey and the Gulf countries, UK, Europe and CIS countries.

Thanks to iPort DCS being widely available throughout their destinations and even promoted by their ground handlers, the implementation process is very straight-forward. Where iPort DCS is already available, Freebird Airlines can immediately use it. iPort DCS is a cloud-based application. Access to the right data is role-based providing a positive impact on the speed of roll-out.


“After a thorough search and analysis, we believe that we have chosen the best solution partner for our airline, which will enable us to work more efficiently and help us to meet official requirements of all authorities throughout our network. Combining our own systems with iPort DCS solution will allow us to better control our operations on a user friendly environment while we have the flexibility on our in-house reservation system and reduce our costs and workload. We are happy being a partner of iPort DCS and we are sure that we will serve a better passenger experience at airports and online.”

- Osman Kinali, Contracts Manager at Freebird Airlines


“We are very happy about this collaboration with Freebird Airlines. iPort DCS is able to process passenger data the way Freebird Airlines wants, which is why we are able to deliver flexibility with the in-house reservation system. By using iPort DCS, Freebird Airlines will be able to improve their passenger experiences through self-service and the availability of rich data which results in smooth passenger experience. Furthermore, operational processes such as load control will be optimized and ancillary sales will be boosted by using the iSales module. Res2 is looking forward to supporting Freebird Airlines in delivering smooth passenger and aircraft handling.”

- Hans van Engelen, CEO at Res2

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