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EES/ETIAS and EU-LISA. The big challenge! 
2 September 2022

At this moment Res2 is deeply involved in all the details regarding EU-LISA. Next working group September 30th should be interesting because during this event, European wide EiO (Entry into Operation) plans are being discussed. EES(entry/exit system) activation is currently penciled in for Spring 2023, with ETIAS to be scheduled at a later date.

Product development is proceeding and connectivity is established with EU-LISA test systems.


Be aware this is a large challenge for the whole industry. Res2 is doing its part, and we advise all airlines that use iPort for flights to and from the EU/Schengen are registering iPort DCS as one of their service providers.

We encourage our ground-handling customers to verify registration with their airline partners. If we can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us.

For more information on EU-LISA, please visit their website.

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